Adolescent girls after Life Skills Training on Sexual Reproductive Health Workshop
Teachers join in the distribution of Sanitary towels to the girls after peer to peer discussion
PDI beneficiaries after an IGA workshop
Goat Rearing Beneficiary

Achievements and Lessons Learned

Below is the listing of achievements within various components of PDI programmes, reviewed against key objectives:

Achievement 1: Enable OVC feel accepted and part of the society through access of quality education and other basic needs


  1. Payment of schools fees for OVC in primary schools
  2. Retention in schools for OVC targeted by PDI
  3. Improved school performance for OVC
  4. Nutrition support for OVC leading to improvement in their health
  5. Provision of school uniforms
  6. PDI IGA loaning system has boosted the OVC program as parents now meet most basic needs rather than begging as was the case before. The children feel more secure.
  7. Improved image of PDI as a result of the OVC care interventions, leading to greater acceptance by the community.

Achievement 2Empowering the OVC Primary care givers particularly women, socially, economically & psychologically to cope with the scourge.


  1. Training of primary caregivers on basic entrepreneurship skills
  2. Provision of startup grants to primary caregivers for establishment of small businesses within the slums.
  3. Training of primary caregivers on skills of healthcare and nutrition.
  4. Provision of foodstuffs and supplements to children, PLWHAS and caregivers.
  5. Emotional support for PLWHAS, home and hospital visits.
  6. Training of PLWHAS on treatment literacy and adherence.
  7. Empowerment of grandmothers involved in OVC care.


Achievement 3: Effectively support the rights of children including rights to protection from abuse, exploitation and discrimination


  • Protection of girls from sexual abuse by familiar adults (neighbour & father) and taking such matters with the police department.
  • Provision of school fees for the neglected, abandoned and exploited children and other OVC to attain education
  • Provide alternative rights of passage by the young girls hence preventing FGM.
  • Supported children’s rights to food through food vouchers and supplementation rations.
  • Helped in placement of HIV discriminated children to foster families


Achievement 4: To improve the capacity of PDI to deliver services effectively


  1. Retention of 6 staff and 12 community volunteers within PDI.
  2. A functioning and committed board to assist in the running of the organization.
  3. Presence of a well trained accountant for book keeping and accounting purposes.
  4. Trained staff on treatment literacy and adherence.
  5. Trained staff and volunteers in skills of IGA (income generating activities).
  6. There are two equipped resource centres in the slums localities to help in carrying out activities.

Achievement 5: Enhance Networking and collaboration with other stakeholders


  1. Partnership developed with 4 international organizations.
  2. PDI works closely with many other stakeholders in Kenya, including WOFAK and TAPWAK.
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